Monday, October 19, 2009


Ehhh... So I've decided to slowly, erm, "evolutionize" my style little by little and dump my ol' jeans to the dark depths of my black hole/closet. He he. Yeah, I'm so mean.

It's funny, really, how I altered my usual, typical middle-school appearance just the tiniest bit, and already, I've gotten quite a few antagonistic glances from some of my lovely fellow classmates. But honestly, I wasn't much of a fan of my outfit for today. I even considered not putting up the pictures. But that wouldn't be nice since I made a pinky promise yesterday. Oh, and the bright background's our tropical shower bath curtains. I'm not quite sure why I covered up my eyes...some really weird impulse of mine, I guess.

SO I SHALL MAKE MY OUTFIT MUCH BETTER TOMORROW! Really, I will. I swear. Hm. Wonder how my other classmates will take the "shocking" outfit I have planned for tomorrow......

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