Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and so the blurple is born...

Here I am! A little new to the whole blogging thing, and hopefully this works out unlike everything else that I always seem to jinx......

I recently fell head-over-heels love with the stunning world of fashion, along with fashion designing. If you know of any cool fashion/style sights, fell free to comment me! I'm planning on posting a lot more in the future, along with pictures, and other what-not's, so enjoy!

Lots of Love,

P.S. Want to know where I got blurple from?
Well what does: blue+purple= ?


  1. haha, I love it! Blurple! Welcome :)

  2. Blurple....oh my are a very creative young woman...good luck with your blog. Enjoy it! And, thanks for the vist to my blog this evening...I'm so glad you enjoyed the detail on my sister's silk ribbon pincushion. I've had many years experience and enjoy the work very much. I bet you will have a wonderful, creative life with your interest in fashion! pat