Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i got in trouble because my skirt was too short!?

My outfit from yesterday, which consisted offffffffffff a black and white plaid skirt from 1st grade or something that I somehow still fit into, a Falls Creek scarf, Energie white top with black polka dots, and the little jacket thing was just something that I found in my closet. The necklace is from JCPenney, and I'm wearing some old tights, which I'm eventually going to shred up as part of my Halloween costume.

I have this art teacher and his name is Mr.____. Hm. Let's call him Mr. Art Teacher. Yeah. That works. So I got in trouble yesterday because according to Mr. Art Teacher, my skirt was too short and was disrupting the learning environment of my fellow students...and guess what I see today? Girls wearing shorts that were half as long as my skirt was. It's absolutely amazing how much justice there is in that wonderful place that we call school.

Off to design my own haunted house picture now for Mr. Art Teacher's class!

Yours Truly,

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ehhh... So I've decided to slowly, erm, "evolutionize" my style little by little and dump my ol' jeans to the dark depths of my black hole/closet. He he. Yeah, I'm so mean.

It's funny, really, how I altered my usual, typical middle-school appearance just the tiniest bit, and already, I've gotten quite a few antagonistic glances from some of my lovely fellow classmates. But honestly, I wasn't much of a fan of my outfit for today. I even considered not putting up the pictures. But that wouldn't be nice since I made a pinky promise yesterday. Oh, and the bright background's our tropical shower bath curtains. I'm not quite sure why I covered up my eyes...some really weird impulse of mine, I guess.

SO I SHALL MAKE MY OUTFIT MUCH BETTER TOMORROW! Really, I will. I swear. Hm. Wonder how my other classmates will take the "shocking" outfit I have planned for tomorrow......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

what do you mean you don't believe that this is my room?

Yupp, My amazingly clean bedroom that I spent the past 5 hours cleaning... And yes, that is a random water bottle standing up in the middle of my floor. Usually when I have to go to bed, I just move all the junk on it onto my pink chair thing that's smothered in clothes, as you can see in the picture. Ha. You should've seen my closet. The floor was buried under (literally) 2 feet of random stuff.

Yeahhhhhh, I'm not exactly very organized......

But on a brighter side, at least I got my camera to work (meaning that I kept turning it on and off until it started to magically work again. Behold my amazing abilities.)! (: And that's always a good thing, since I'm a bit of a failure when it comes to things like getting complicated stuff like that to work. At least now, I can finally start to post pictures of my daily outfits, along with my collection of scarves!


Never hear of a scarf collection? Pshhh. Well, really, I only have 14 or 15, and I've only worn, maybe 4 of them? But my friends and I have kind of an inside joke thing where they always ask me what color my scarf is, and I have to randomly come up with a new color name that combines all the colorsssssss of my scarf. Like yesterday for instance. My scarf color was PLURLOWROOOOOOONGE (with an awesome little french accent). It's suppose to be a combo of purple, pink, yellow and orange...sort of. And on Tuesday my scarf was blurple. See, see, sound familiar?

Pinky promise that I'll post more pics Monday since I just realized how boring this post must be without COLORRRRRRR and something actually interesting besides plain blocks of words.

Ta Ta Til Then,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

saving the world, one cute dress at a time

I know I'm a little late on this, but I think I've fallen in love, all over again.

This ah-mazing piece by Allison Parris (as seen in the New York Fashion Week, photo courtesy of Steve Zak) is not only actually wearable in you average, day-to-day life, but also environmentally friendly! Yes, it lacks a bit in the "SHABAM!" department, but I love how sweet and simple the design is, along with the effortlessly stylish feeling. I think one of my favorite things about the Allison Parris line is that they use recycled material and vintage fur for a lot of their outfits-- who knew recycled plastic bottles could look so good? Can I get a yay! ? (:

P.S. Emily Cato gets an extra special yay for posting the first ever comment on my blog!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and so the blurple is born...

Here I am! A little new to the whole blogging thing, and hopefully this works out unlike everything else that I always seem to jinx......

I recently fell head-over-heels love with the stunning world of fashion, along with fashion designing. If you know of any cool fashion/style sights, fell free to comment me! I'm planning on posting a lot more in the future, along with pictures, and other what-not's, so enjoy!

Lots of Love,

P.S. Want to know where I got blurple from?
Well what does: blue+purple= ?